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These new Cannabis Club edibles are made especially in house and have a more consistent dose per piece

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Cheeky Cherry 500mg Edibles

Every pack of Cheeky Cherry contains 10 soft chews, each made with 50mg of the finest cannabis distillate THC so that you can start low, go slow and manage your experience at your own pace. With 10 pieces you'll have enough chews to slowly savour the puckering sour cherry flavour or to enjoy the extra chewy goodness of Cheeky Cheery!

$20.00 each (before discount)

Cola Bottles 500mg Edibles

Cola Bottle gummies are infused with 50mg of THC per gummy. 10 pieces a bag you wouldn't dare eat the whole thing in one sitting.

$20.00 each (before discount)

Goopy Grape 500mg Edibles

Goopy Grape gummies are a new and delicious alternative way for you to medicate with cannabis. If you’re a health-conscious individual looking to stray away from the negative side-effects associated with smoking, then these edibles are perfect for you! These sweet Grape Crush flavoured gummies are infused with 50mg per piece for a total of 500mg of THC and dusted in a sour sugar for an added zing

$20.00 each (before discount)

Gummie Bears 500mg Edibles

Gummy Bears are a delicious new take on everybody's favourite gummy candy. These adorable, classic little bears come in assorted fruit flavours. Eat a few after a long, stressful day or share some with your friends at a social gathering.

$20.00 each (before discount)

Passion Peach 500mg Edibles

Passion Peach gummies are made using their proprietary recipe that carefully blends candy and THC distillate without any bitter taste. These gummies are soft, chewy and will melt in your mouth. A delicious blend of sweet and sour, these fruity bursts of peaches also come with the additional benefits

$20.00 each (before discount)

Sour Skittles 500mg Edibles

You can finally taste the rainbow with these delicious Original Mix Skittles infused with 500mg of THC. You have probably been wondering how to buy THC weed edibles online but don’t worry we got you covered and we are bringing you exclusive popular candies infused with THC!

$20.00 each (before discount)

Sour Patch Kids 500mg Edibles

Stoney Patch gummies are an adult-friendly take on your favourite childhood goodies! Made with high-quality, solvent-free cannabis concentrates, each package of delicious flavoured candies is infused with 50mg/piece of THC. These delicious weed-infused edibles pack a heavy-hitting punch with a long-lasting high while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

$20.00 each (before discount)

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